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What is Yorze?

Yorze makes it easy to gather, manage and share your vital personal information securely. Your documents might include your passport, driver’s licence, pension and insurance policies, bills, statements, certificates, visas, etc – in fact any documents that you may need access to!

Yorze makes these documents available to you in an instant, on the go. Everything is stored encrypted on your mobile device and can be automatically backed up securely too. You no longer need to store documents in risky places, such as email accounts, online folders or among your phone’s photos. Equally, you can have easy access to all your documents wherever you are – no more wondering if they are hiding in a filing cabinet or box at home.

Yorze also has a solution for businesses, which streamlines the process of collecting and managing documents from many people. With the Yorze App and a few taps, you can fulfil requests such as for “Proof of Identity and Address” or client on-boarding information. To know more, click here.

Your personal info, your control

Yorze provides a structured but flexible way of gathering and storing your personal information. You can use your phone’s camera as a mobile scanner to record any document quickly and conveniently, with Yorze automatically cropping and straightening up the pages. You can also use your existing documents and images. With Yorze, you gain automatic reminders for expiry dates and due dates.

Yorze then lets you share your information easily, quickly and securely, while keeping track of who you shared it with. 

Always secure, on your phone or in the cloud

All information stored in Yorze is encrypted and protected from access by others, even if someone gains access to your unlocked phone. With Yorze, it is your choice: you can store your information securely on your phone (protected using its “secure enclave”). You can also make safe and secure backups. Equally, you can choose the additional convenience of storing your information encrypted in the cloud.

Share your info safely, swiftly and conveniently

In today’s world, we are all increasingly asked for more personal information: when opening an account, taking on a new property, applying for work, appointing professional advisors, booking flights, checking in to a hotel… the list is endless. Yorze lets you share multiple documents with just a few taps, taking away inconvenience and mindless repetition. 

Don't just take our word for it

"I love having instant access to all my documents on the go! It used to be a nightmare finding things when I am travelling, trying to remember what was in the filing cabinet or sitting in old emails. Now when I need personal or business documents, I can locate or share them in an instant, saving me endless time and hassle. And knowing they are encrypted and always secure gives me huge peace of mind."
Michael Brown
Expat & Business Executive

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