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Yorze Business provides the secure collection, management and automatic reminder tools that streamline the collection and maintenance of personal documents from your clients

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For businesses, Yorze has developed a secure cloud-based service, which streamlines the process of collecting and managing documents. It is perfect for businesses such as law firms, recruiters, financial advisors and real estate managers, which need to gather personal documents from their clients. With newer requirements such as GDPR and Know-Your-Client, the way these documents are managed and kept up-to-date now has to comply with strict regulations. Yorze business and personal solutions are part of the same ecosystem, so that for individuals, it is mobile first, with secure easy access to personal information on the go.

How does it work?

step 1

Create your document request

Log in to your secure private portal where you can manage all your client companies, individuals and document requests. You can create a document request very quickly, either from a template or with a customised list.
step 2

Send out your requests

You can request documents from anyone with an email address. Their documents are received through the secure Yorze portal, which is easily customised to your business. For any clients who use the Yorze App, they can receive and respond to requests directly and securely via their mobile device.

step 3

Receive documents securely

Documents are all received securely, stored in your encrypted database. For clients who choose to use the Yorze App, they get the speed and convenience of their mobile device becoming a document scanner, which handles lighting, cropping and image alignment, making sharing documents a breeze.

Find out more about the Yorze App here.

step 4

Automatic reminders and updates

Gone is the hassle of sending reminders and searching to check which documents have been received. The convenient dashboard shows you at a glance what % is complete and sends you alerts. Reminders are sent automatically to your clients.

Compliant with the latest regulations


In this era of GDPR, protecting and managing your clients’ personal information is more critical than ever. Allowing personal information to be stored in emails and spreadsheets is no longer an option. The Secure Document Collection service from Yorze provides the tools your business needs to remain fully GDPR compliant. Personal documents can be set to be deleted automatically after a set period of time. And tracking and managing documents becomes easy.

Know-Your-Client (KYC/AML)

The Secure Document Collection service from Yorze not only removes much of the administrative hassle associated with on-boarding new clients, it also provides the tools you need to ensure continuing compliance. Reminders can be set to automatically request updated documents periodically. And the dashboard alerts you to any non-compliant clients.

It takes a super team to make Yorze

The Yorze management team has deep experience of building successful businesses from innovative ideas

Andrew Knox

As CEO, Andrew brings 30 years of high-growth technology company experience, from start-ups to acquisitions and JVs.

Andrew gained his corporate experience at IBM, HSBC and Coutts/RBS.

Chris Backhouse

As CFO, Chris has a long background as a former FD of several VC backed buy-outs and a listed plc. He raised the (then) world’s largest non-property crowd-funded loan. He is a fellow of the ICAEW.

Robin Shorrock

As CTO, Robin has 30 years experience in all areas of software delivery, from start-ups to high security health-care systems for the UK and Singapore governments. He has also worked with Aviva, Nortel, Lucent and Thoughtworks.

Adrian Jones

As chairman, Adrian brings his lifelong global start-up experience, from creating award-winning products such as WinMail to guiding Escape Hunt from start-up to an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

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