Collecting Documents: How does it work?


Create your document request

Log in to your secure private portal where you can manage all your client companies, individuals and document requests. You can create a document request very quickly, either from a template or with a customised list.


Send your request via email or the secure Yorze App

You can request documents from anyone with an email address, though their response is through the portal, always kept secure, avoiding email. For any clients already using the Yorze App, they can receive their requests directly and securely via their mobile device.


Receive the documents securely

Documents are all received securely, stored in your encrypted database. For clients who choose to use the Yorze App, they get the speed and convenience of their mobile device becoming a document scanner, which handles lighting, cropping and image alignment.


Automatic reminders and updates

The hassle of sending reminders and searching to check what documents have been received is taken away. The convenient dashboard shows you at a glance what % is complete and sends you alerts. Reminders are sent automatically to your clients.